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Born in the small city of Appleton, Wisconsin, I discovered the art of Dance at the age of 10 and have been in love with it since. At the age of 19, I realized that Dance was what I truly desired and made the decision to pursue my dreams in Chicago. From there, I became a member of the Electric Funketeers, in which I trained in the fundamentals of Popping. I also became a member of Kapwa Modern, which paved the path for me to get into the choreography scene.

Since then, I have been blessed enough to become a member of various other groups, in which I directed, choreographed, and performed with for events, such as World Of Dance, Prelude, Master Piece, and many more. I have tutored and choreographed pieces that went on to place at competitions and have taught all over the Chicagoland area to spread the positive knowledge and culture of street Dance and urban movement.

I resided in Los Angeles for 10 months in 2016/2017, where I trained with some of the best Dancers in the world while discovering my purpose in Dance and in life - to change the world through art. I currently live back in Chicago and teach weekly classes to both adults and children while also working towards my Life Coach certification through the Accomplishment Coaching Program. My goal is to merge the knowledge learned as an ontological coach with Dance and art in order to support the world in becoming an even better place, and I would love to have you join me on this journey.