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Group Coaching For Creatives

Are you a creative who:

- finds yourself hitting mental blocks too often?

- is at a plateau and can't seem to get out? 

- is unsure of how to turn your creative passion into a career?

- wishes you had more artistic connections and resources?

- is struggling to balance between art and work?

- is seeking confidence in your creativity and/or your art?

If you found yourself saying "Yes" to any of these, then this group coaching is probably for you! Not only will you be receiving direct coaching from myself in these areas, but we'll always leave time after the session for the group to connect, discuss, and offer insight and perspective - from one creative to another. 

*Groups will consist of 2 clients minimum and 5 clients max*

Perks Of Group Coaching

All of the services provided with 1:1 +

- Connect with other creatives

- Be present to direct coaching of others and apply it to yourself

- Ease in knowing that you are not alone

- Direct support from your teammates

- Recorded session for review and for anyone absent

- 33% of what 1:1 coaching cost!!

Ready To Join A Team Of Creative Individuals?!