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Setting Choreography

Tou Ger is able to:

- Set choreography ranging in various difficulty levels

- Adapt and alter choreography to fit the Dancer(s) accordingly

- Choreograph to a variety of songs using a variety of Dance genres

- Choreograph for all sorts of occasions. Competitions, parties, weddings, flash mobs, corporate events, for you to surprise your significant other. You name it and it's done!

With years of experience in various street Dance cultures and the urban choreography world, layered on top of the tools he has as a Life Coach, Tou Ger is acknowledged 

for being one of the most well-rounded, qualified, and inspiring street Dance teachers in the Midwest. His teaching methods challenge the students not only physically, but mentally, creatively, and emotionally. As a firm believer that Dance is a vessel for who we are as human Beings, Tou Ger encourages his students to Dance well and live even better.

Through Tou Ger's classes, students will come to:

- Learn the culture and history of the Dances they are taught

- Learn not only about movement, but what drives it as well

- Respect pioneers, their classmates, and themselves

- Learn some sick Dance moves!


With a set of skills in many different Dance genres, Tou Ger's performance comes with a very clean balance of musicality, quality of movement, and eye catching tricks that won't get dull. Add these things together with his energy, grit, creativity, and devotion for Dance, and his presence and performance quality is one of a kind. Tou Ger is dedicated to bringing joy and entertainment to others by sharing his Being through his art.  

Ready to get groovy?!