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Ryanne Abraham

Dance Instructor and Choreographer 


"Coaching with Tou Ger has truly helped me start a new chapter of my life. I was skeptical at first because I was sure what to expect, but even after our first session, I knew Tou Ger was going to be trustworthy, honest and open with me throughout this process. Week after week, Tou Ger guided me through an excavation. I found myself digging deeper into where many of my issues were buried and pulling them to the surface to face them head-on. I discovered my true essence and how to hone in on those qualities and characteristics to be my true self day in and day out. After just 5 weeks, I can say that I've evolved into a new version of myself, not a better version, a new one. A version that's extremely self-aware of my mental state and how I can actively keep myself focused, positive and optimistic even when times get tough. All of this, I have to thank Tou Ger for. He was an incredible coach who never made me feel judged or alone throughout this journey. He asked the questions I was afraid to and encouraged me to find the answers I'd be hiding from. He's truly one of a kind!"

"For such a young, high-energy guy, I'm continually impressed with Tou Ger's leadership, coaching style, and commanding presence. Tou is that rare integration of ontological coach, and seasoned high-performer. He channels his infectious energy into every client engagement, and the client is left changed for the better. Can't recommend him highly enough as a coach, mentor, and teacher."

"I highly recommend Tou as a coach. He has helped me see things I didn't see previously, and he takes his own transformation seriously. Because he is committed to ongoing transformation himself, he is able to take his clients to deep places and evoke profound change."